We want to let all AOL 9.0 Browser users know that our website is going through several inconveniences when it comes to entering the Betting or Agents zone.

If you are an AOL 9.0 user, please click on the DOWNLOAD AOL 9.1 link or DOWNLOAD AOL 10.1


AOL 9.1 Installation Guide

  1 - Download the AOL 9.1 or AOL 10.1 software ( DOWNLOAD AOL 9.1) (DOWNLOAD AOL 10.1)
  2 - Look for the installation file in your computer and double-click it to install.
  3 - When the screen shows it is ready to install, click “OK” to begin the installation process.
  4 - Click on the “I Agree” button to agree to all terms and conditions.
  5 - When you are given the Select Configuration choices, choose “Express Install” and click “Next”.
  6 - If you are a new AOL user, please choose “New Members”. If you already had an AOL account, choose “Current Members
and then click “Next”.
  7 - (For Current Members) Select the “Upgrading to new version of AOL on this computer” option and click on “Next”.
  8 - When the Most Recently Used Version screen appears, choose “Upgrade this version of the AOL software” and click “Next” to continue.
  9 - When the option to Select Destination Directory appears, just click on “Next”.
  10 - Please wait until the installation is complete. This process may take up to several minutes.
  11 - The installation process is finished! You are ready to start using AOL 9.1 OR AOL 10.1